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UpDataed with pics decision made!

well guys I have finally made a decision today and got my first airsoft gun. Before I reveal what it is with pics I wanted to thank you guys for responding and sharing your thoughts. Especially forum member L473ncy who helped me with a LOAD of info and insight. This is really a great place so I am just thankful to be a part of it. after all the back and forth with what to get and the toss up between brands. what should I look for blah blah blah. I finally decided to go with the VFC M4ES Quake. Here are a couple of pics. Sorry my camera skills are pathetic.

Also a thanks to Ivan and Harry at ASG in richmond. All the help was greatly appreciated.

And yes that is a plastic tea cup from my daughters tea set

there is one additional question that i had regarding airsoft and the high capacity mags. At present the mag that I have hold 300 BB (i believe). The gun fires fine when the mag is full. but for some reason when you get down the the last 20 bb and wind up the mag to spring load them, the gun just dry fires. however if you dump more bb in it seems to work. its very strange because you would think that the gun would allow you to fire off the last 20+ bb and empty the clip. Am i doing something wrong???

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