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Originally Posted by Ricochet
If your on a budget buy Condor. It's cheaper than Pantac, better made, and cheaper.

I again bought Condor

A Vertical Pistol Holster

I'm very pleased with it a must check out in my opinion

Folds 3 times

Has a Velcro strap inside. to either raiser or lower your pistol
More then enough space for a flashlight/laser

And the strap is either Velcro or a button your preference you can pull the strap out which is also velcro and use what ever you'd like

Long straps to let it hang lower on your rig if you want

Got it for lower then retail

I'm impressed I dont see why you would spend any more unless you want a different style

I might just keep buying condor no complaints

and I also found out on my Rig

you can fold the middle section down I'm not sure if you can do this with all Vests/Rigs
but again +1 for Condor
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