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Originally Posted by ardo View Post
Just curious who in Canada might have KJW or TM in stock, or are these more like pre-order items?

For what it's worth, CO2 does not make a gun accurate. If the hop up system sucks, then pushing more power through it only makes the shot more inaccurate.

The Tokyo Marui hop up system is revered due to it's very accurate hop up design. It's why KJW and WE have copied their design. Out of the box, I've found both KJW and WE's have inferior hop up rubber which need to be upgraded to at least a Tokyo Marui OEM rubber, or to one of the many other aftermarket options available out there.

Having a good hop up @ 160psi will make your gun more accurate than jamming 800psi through a crappy hop up.

Also, as a side note, Tokyo Marui guns can not handle CO2 out of the box. Not sure why you'd want to use CO2 in ANY scenario if accuracy is your main goal, since the liquid to air phase change for those 12 gram CO2 powerlets will cause a much larger disparity in velocity consistencies than propane does...

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