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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
The one thing a lot of these "should I protect myself fully or not" threads miss is the effect it has on the person who chipped your teeth / hurt your eye / broke your gun / etc.

The older and more financially-independent players amongst us need to take special care when making public recommendations to players who are either younger or less financially able to cover dental bills or less able to weather calamities that might disrupt their lives outside of airsoft. In addition, some of the younger players may have parents who may have a very different view on a chipped tooth than the actual player.
That's BS to some extent. The guy asking is the one asking/concerned...he asked the public for an opinion, he got them. It's up to him to filter through that an apply it to his needs/wants/situation/etc...

If we were to filter advice so as to sure to potentially please his mom...then the advice should be, "Don't play".
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