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Your Teeth

Hello everyone I've noticed a fair share of people dont wear lower face protection . I have a question for all who dont arent you worried about your teeth chipping or what ever .. I'd like to wear a keffiyeh around my face to get a better look down my sights .. i wear a paintball mask i have been bending it but its still not the same

Are you not worried / just take a risk
Have you been shot in the mouth area?
Will a keffiyeh stop chipping ?
Do you just keep your mouth closed?
Any close calls
What do you wear ?

Me personally im too worried about spitting out my two front teeth

Ideally I'd like to wear just goggles and a keffiyeh is this enough
Im also worried im a aggressive player closing the distance that I'd get a point blank shot to the mouth

Thoughs, comments.
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