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IMO...the elitists/newbies thing came about more from the groups of: PTW vs. AEG guys and Real-brand name gear vs. "airsoft" brands. And to a lesser extent "good old brands" of AEGs vs. the onslaught of cheaper made clones (e.g. dboys, cyma, aftermath, clear stuff, opaque stuff, various sportlines, etc...).

Newbies take the brunt of things simply because many of the perceived "elitists" have gone through the very learning cycle that the newbie's starting out on.

Both groups (on either side of things) are very opinionated and vehement on their positions. For good or for bad...that's just the Internet.

When a guy comes in saying, "What's the BEST gun"...or "what's the BEST gear"...they're loaded questions that are open to all those opinions. Then the debate (de)evolves into utmost performance vs. good enough...reality vs. hobby...cost vs. budget...expectations vs. experience vs. this/that/other, etc....

Am I picky about what I have and use...yup. PTWs and real gear play a big part of what I reach for when it's game time. If someone asks...that's what I'll say because it's my opinion.

However...I try not to poo-poo someone because they don't want to do that...or can't afford it...or whatever. If the guy asking the question, or anyone else in the thread takes "offense" (too strong a word) to an opinion...that's his problem and nobody elses.

Coming on too strong and saying, "you're an idiot if you don't do this or that" is too far though. But let's face it...any internet forum is filled with idiots of all sorts.

To anyone who bleats..."can't we call just get along nicely"....grow up, that's a nice ideal but not reality.
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