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At this point being so green to process why take the chance. I could only imagine what menial money saved been thrown out the window them double the costs due to all the red tape.

I'm still really torn between what manufacturer to buy. Some people swear by g&g others say its complete shit. Some folks say vfc is awesome and others say the internals are sub par.

Is KWA really a step up from these other guys. A quick search on google would suggest that the pricing is quite similar to the other two. Not saying its the same but it's within the ball park.

I just want to go out with a few of my friends and have fun. By definition fun to me would mean being able to buy a gun and run it out of the box without any hassles. As time went on I don't mind teching and learning myself in fact it's a challenge I look forward too. Bit dealing with those issues out of box would piss me off
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