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Originally Posted by boogiebot View Post
it would be great if you have a chance to elaborate. its funny that you use the Tippman reference as I use to play paintball a while back. nothing wrong with Tippman pretty relieable. A friend of mine use to have an A-5 with etrigger and flatline barrel and it would sing! out of the King arms, G&P and VFC is one any better than the other?
I'd say King Arms is mid-upper end, around the same as G&G regular line or G&G TopTech line, VFC and G&P are a different beast. What I don't like with G&P (though I own a couple) is the weak gears and occasional lemon piston, VFC on the other hand is solid but I personally do not like their "auto shimming" gears (cool but IMO not as good as if you were to do your own shimming) and have seen a couple pistons blow up (I gather they're probably lemon batches and/or people were abusing them with high powered 11.1V lipos without doing proper preparation).

By the way, there are a few problems with King Arms as well, sometimes their piston o-rings are offspec and lead to some airseal loss (not a "big" deal but it just means a lower FPS than expected and you'll need a higher powered spring than if you were to replace the o ring (and to be honest it's like a $0.50 part if that from home depot)). The cut off lever is also suspect and I've seen plenty of people's cut off levers wear down resulting in full auto fire even if you have it set to semi.

As for the Tippman thing; between a Tippmann 98, A5, and Crossover; there is a difference right? like different "tiers" marketed for different market segments (rec players, amateur, woodsballers, milsim (RAP4 and Tippmann X7), pro speedballers, etc.). Then you have ones like Dye, Palmer Customs, and Bob Long which are like $1K+ easily.

Nothing wrong with JG and CYMA especially after a few simple upgrades and maybe some preventative maintenance (although QC has improved as of late so slightly less necessary to crack it open as soon as you get it). But if you know you want to get into airsoft and want to get into the midrange stuff right off the bat can't go wrong with any of the King Arms, VFC, G&P, Classic Army "X Series", ICS, ARES, etc. they're more or less in the same league just get whatever is easy to get and you think looks kind of cool.
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