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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
So, well I'd never say your opinion is invalid, you did miss the point.
I'm not so sure of that. Nevermind the terminology part of my rant, the last part was the response to everything I've read in this thread. Let me rephrase it a little and maybe it might clear it up.

Somebody comes here and asks for an opinion of a particular piece of gear or gun. Based on your experience you respond with your opinion of that piece and maybe suggest a different piece. Due to the price of the suggested piece you are labelled an "elitist." The problem with this is that one party is not putting the value into anothers experienced opinion and thus breakdown to being a closed minded and, maybe, rude individual.

So to me, this all boils down to whether or not someone can value your opinion as an experienced player. When the whole thing devolves to the point of you being dubbed "elitist" obviously they could not. Maybe I'm wrong, but thats the way I've intrepreted this thread.

And as for my age, during the "nitendo generation"(the 90's) I was in/finished highschool
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