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To a point yes most aeg's will have around the same effective range a higher fps will let u use heavier bb's and they will be less effected by wind and such.
also with a higher fps and heavier bb u will have a lil better ability to punch through brush and such.
a longer tighter barrel may have a lil beter range but more to the point it will have tighter groupings then a shorter wider barrel ie, a stock mp5k will be out shot by a stock m16 with the same bore of barrel but not by a huge margin, accuracy will be better on the m16 tho cause the bb will have longer
to stabalise its flight path, a good barrel (tight and smooth) and a consistant hop up unit will be a good benifate to any gun regardless of barrel length.
i am an advocate of putting longer tighter barrels in all of my guns but that is because i want to be able to hit smaller targets at longer ranges, im a semi auto dmr kind of guy so it just suits my play style to be able to hit a hand or shoulder at max range with one or two shots if its all i can see as apposed to dumpin a whole mag on full auto while running closer to the target and hoping to hit something.
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Thanks Hectic,
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