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thanks for the responses guys. I tried to PM everyone but ended up calling Optix and his colleague told me that he should be in later today. Nice guys over there hope to get AV in the next couple of days as I really would like to see what kind of options there are for me.

@bennyboy - im not totally sold on having to own a mp5 although aesthetically I really do like them. Anything in that m4 range is also cool. After talking with Ivan over at airsoft gear the VFC quake, 105r and 145r are all also considerations.

is VFC really that much better than G&G? I have read arguments for both and for a noob its pretty hard to sift through. from my understanding they are both fairly close but VFC is a step up when it comes to externals.

@L473NCY it would be great if you have a chance to elaborate. its funny that you use the Tippman reference as I use to play paintball a while back. nothing wrong with Tippman pretty relieable. A friend of mine use to have an A-5 with etrigger and flatline barrel and it would sing! out of the King arms, G&P and VFC is one any better than the other?

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