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Originally Posted by unseen hunter View Post
Here is my opinion on the "elitist" and "noob" rant. Please understand that this in my opinion on this and I am entitled to it, just as you are entitled to yours.

Quite honestly, I believe there are conditions to both terms. You could be just entering the sport or have 10+ years into it or even be a retailer and still be a "noob." How is that possible, you ask. Well, here's my theory.....No matter how much experience you have in something, as long as you are still learning and evolving in that area you are a "noob." If your learning has stopped and your evolution in the are has become stagnant you have become an "elitist." Nothing derogatory about either side, at least from me. Personally, I'd much rather be a "noob" with X years experience and continue to learn about everything that's new and exciting. And should you look down on me because I classify myself as a "noob", so be it that is your entitled opinion. At least i can hold my head up and proudly say yes I am!

Take this for what you will, like I said it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. The question is can you put as much value in my opinion as I can put in yours. I think, ultimately, thats what this thread is boiling down to and it would seem that some have lost sight of that.
Actually, it would seem that you're mixing terminology. No idea how old you are.. maybe it's because I'm a young guy who grew up in the 90's with Internet gaming (well, for at least half of it) that I can very much make the distinction between "n00b", "newbie", "experienced", and "elitist". What you describe aren't n00bs and elitists. They're newbies and experienced. Big, big difference.

I don't want this to turn into a semantics/grammar/terminology war, but you did kind of miss the point of my OP.

An experienced player isn't an elitist. An elitist is someone who thinks they're better, or something they use is better, because of some arbitrary value assigned to it (usually monetary, but not always). Because of that many new players associate expensive gear with an elitist attitude and ignore real world experience.

You can draw a parallel in academia. In this example, the arbitrary value assigned is usually based on the perceived value of an academic argument rather than real world experience.

So, well I'd never say your opinion is invalid, you did miss the point.

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