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Alright so I've got some updates, I think I'm getting some of the noob smell off though I still have yet to actually play a game. Perhaps my experiences so far can help others that are also thinking of or have recently enetered into the sport.

I purchased a few items and I always look for the "free shipping" option it really can make or break the cost of the item.

Xcortech Chronograph - Probably not something every starting player needs but I plan on doing all my own work and there is work to be done.

Bearings - not to be confused with bearing (navigation) I'm perpetually lost. I was surprised to learn that most guns come with bushings and well for what they are worth bearings are a fine upgrade... then of course I have to go one further and buy Kanzen ceramic bearings... found them for $30 the steel variety are usually under $10.

Spring(s) - Yes I found a set of 3 JG M110, M120, M130 for the price of one with free shipping$

Shims - 30x 0.1mm and a set of assorted shims 0.2mm- 0.5mm.

Oil - I picked up a tube of crossman oil (have yet to see if I'll use it). Team Losi shock oil used for RC cars drip bottle. Omega silicon spray oil. Most people are fine with 1 type of oil but I like to have different application options.

Eye protection - Revision Bullet Ant 2 lense sealed goggles. Don't cheap out here it's not worth the trouble, get something people know and that isn't known to fog all the time.

Face protection - Most people don't require it but I smile alot, especially when holding a replica military weapon. Besides I'm already missing teeth and have scars on my face so... not looking to add any new features.

So right now my gun IS hot. It's a consistant 418-420fps @ 400rpm, I should be able to get my gun just below 400fps with that JG 110 spring.
I predict (as a total noob) 390fps @ 415rpm when I install the new spring and bearings.

Please let me know if I am missing something or just plain doin it wrong. Feel free to make your own predictions and this weekend I'll attempt the install.

also aslo inb40fps@0rpmbecauseyoufuckitup.
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