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need some help picking a setup

Hi guys,

Im sure this comes as no surprise due to my post count as well as my questions but Im a total noob to the world of airsoft. I use to play paintball a few years ago but typically speedball. Never really got into the scenario stuff since running around the woods with a intimidator alias just didnt seem right.

As of late something has been drawing me to wanting to try out airsoft. I guess watching clips on youtube is what did it. So now I feel like its time to start looking for a gun and picking the right manufacturer is key.

I guess you could say that I am looking for something in that mid range I am willing to spend anywhere from 200 -400 dollars. After some review on this site as well as my own readings from google I seem really drawn to companies like CA and G&G. Not quite sure why maybe it has something to do with the fact that they seem to fit in my range.

Here comes the questions (hahaha)

1) Which manufacturers are the best out of the box?

2) Which guns are the easiest to work on?

3) Which manufacturers have interchangeable internals?

4) is the price difference between models warranted?
- for example a g&g mp5 sds max sells for 519 and a g&g TGM Q6 sells for 349. they both look the same externally but whats the major difference in terms of performance

5) who is the best company to deal with in Canada?

I am also open to suggestions on manufacturers. Thanks in advance to all the members for their knowledge and look forward to chopping it up with you guys.



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