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Originally Posted by Snowolfleader View Post
ok found out from the seller that the barrel will work withg the gun. an the fps restrictions are 600 for snipers
Good that you found that out. The stock hop up unit and rubber aren't ideal, but it's at least not a bad start. Look for APS2/Type 96 disassembly videos on Youtube, those will help out quite a bit, especially when it comes to taking apart the hop up unit, those things are fiddly.
If you get the tightbore, some things that will help:
1. Use only high quality ammo, diameter 5.95 0.01 mm with a high polish. Check this with calipers if you have them. Anything less could scratch it and thus ruin its effectiveness. Recommended weight for 500+ FPS would be 0.40g or heavier. Don't worry about expensive ammo, the higher quality it is, the less you have to use to achieve the same effect.
2. Clean your barrel with a non-linting cloth before the game. Also, get used to unjamming the barrel. Make sure your cleaning/unjamming rod won't scratch the inner surface of the barrel.

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