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try a search, there are a thousand threads on "ima noob what gun should i get" but i got my spoon with me so here goes.
if u want something cheapish relatively reliable and upgradeable but fieldable out of the box try an echo1 or JG, m4's are probably one of the most common guns ane that means there are a tonje of parts accesories and upgrades available for them. AK' are also a popular choice, mags are a lil bigger so harder to find pouches that hold them, well rather let u take them out easy, but they do for the most part fit in m4 mag pouches.
now u have also got the magpull whatever they are called, they tend to be the new uberleet tacticool thing around tho they are baisicly an m4 so take that as u will. Then there are the scars, also a new "fad" if u will also a nice choice in weaponry. I like me some hk416's again they are baisicly a variation on an m4.
i would suggest u get age verrified, youll get more help here once folks know u arent just some kid who wants to shoot stuff.
also ull be able to see the clasifieds and connect with the local retailers as well.
another good option after getting av'd would be to find a game, and someone who can rent/ loan u a gun( most folks are willing to help a new guy out) and at said game during lunch or the befor the briefing or after the game u can see/ hold oogle and check out alot of different guns and see what fits u well, feels nice in your hand and shouldered has visual appeal to you, also will be able to see said guns with various rail systems and barrel lengths and acesories and so on so u can make a more edumacated choice on what it is exactly u may like.
also id suggest u stay away from a sniper rifle untill u play a bit and see if thats something ud like to do, playing with a BA useually means u dont do much shooting and u do a heck of alot of crawling through the mud and observing of the enemy/relaying info back to you team via radio, also after u buy the rifle ud be putting 500 bucks worth the parts in it to make it effective right off the bat ajd probbably wont have alot of fun playing, unless layin in the mud stalking people and maybe firing off half a dozen shots all day seems like fun to u then maybe u want to get a ba but it does take certian type of player to get into it and actually have fun doing it, i know caus i love it, i dont mind waiting all day for that one good shot and kill that noone sees comming, and trust ke sometimes it is a few games between them.
for regular skirmish type games there is rarely enough time in a battle to even make it stealthy to a good firing position so u wind up just lettin your gbroup advance ahead of u and sort of working your way up behind the group and engaging the enemy from just out of their range anr so u shoot they hear a bb wiz by and just relocate, not alot of action and i probably get more kills by dumping my rifle and rushing in with my pistol in your average game.
hope this helps, hope u dont get too flamed for asking the age old question, good luck.
man i can really blab once i get goin pardon my.long winded post lol.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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