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Originally Posted by chaz View Post
The JT ones are rebranded(seconds) Lelands. Which are one of the best.
Crosmans are SHIT! full of oil and junk.
Lelands are hard to get in Canada, however we have Mosa's which are just as good. There used to be a Canadian seller on ebay but it appears they are no longer.

Lelands and Mosa are food grade which means no oils and crap like crosman. Do yourself a favour and stear clear of them.
Stockclass pump paintballers have done extensive testing on 12g CO2 cartridges and found Lelands and Mosa to be the best.
Not only are they cleaner, they are much more consistent (crossman sometimes gets duds and inconsistent fills). Only way to get them i believe is bulk buy. But i do believe that Lelands are being sold and repackaged in smaller packs as "Special Forces" and for decent prices. Havnt seen them here in Vancouver although you could probably get them online. Otherwise, you can buy Mosa bulk from ICO trading (which is based in Port Coquitlam, BC).

As for Crossmans being dirty, that is true. They contain oils. A lot of stockclass pump paintballers who werent use to cleaning the insides of their marker (because it wasnt necessary with HPA) found that when they opened up the valve in their markers found a build up of black gunk inside from the oils. If you're regularly cleaning your GBB, it shouldnt be a problem, but its something to take note of
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