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This is news? I hope it isn't for anyone who reads this.

US First Class does not offer tracking. It's a confirmation number. If you check up on the description, it says confirmation NOT TRACKING NUMBER

US Priority is the same as Canadapost's Expidited mail
US Express is the same as Canadapost's Xpresspost mail
Canadapost's Priorty is usually done via FedEx Express

If you have problem with lack of tracking: GO USPS Priorty or Express
If you have problem with mails spending more than two weeks, GO
USPS Express, It'll spend about a week, If you complain about the crappy tracking GO
->UPS (I suggest you avoid Standard as you pay the saving in brokerage. Non-standard UPS does not have to pay for brokerage)
->FedEx Express (there aren't as many retailer that use FedEx as UPS, additional fees are slightly lowered when you compared to UPS)
->DHL Express (If your retailer offer this, this is probably the best Express company, typically 1-2 days from US and the extra fee ontop of customs is only 2%)

Seriously folks, either suck it up with package getting lost or being slow(USPS/Canada Post) or dish out money for Non-gov't parcel service (My favorite orders: DHL, FedEx Express, UPS Expidited)
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