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US postal service issues

Ordering from the US? Avoid using first class service from United Stares Postal Service. I ordered an item early December out of New York, and used normal or first class mail as I didn't need it immediately. I was surprised after one month that it had not arrived, and that tracking updates had not changed in a month.

Tracking numbers stay the same when a package travels into Canada as the Canadian Postal service "usually" adopts it to help the recipient track their package. I thought to myself the reason my last update was still in New York must be because it crossed into Canada and they haven't updated their tracking, or it was sitting at the CBSA. ...This was not the case. The package had not yet entered Canada, and the Canadian Postal Service could not help.

I then Phoned USPS to enquire further. The gentleman I spoke to explained that regular parcel or "first class" mail service hits less than 12% of their tracking, because they simply don't bother doing it. I also found that packages sent this way internationally may circle around and even hit the same postal stations more than once before they dane to send it north.

To make it worse, at most points they can't track it whatsoever and the package can't be reported lost or missing until it hasn't arrived for up to six months. No investigation will be performed though until the package has been missing for between one and two years as these packages have been known to arrive at over "two years late!".

Imagine tacking on top of that a lengthy stay at the CBSA, and or Canada post dolt headed tracking, before it arrives. He admitted that they don't often lose packages, but they remain in circulation until someone gives two shits enough to send them in the road where the same thing could occur at the next major center.

He explained this is a common issue internationally or within the US where even letter sized packages won't arrive for months and months and months. They get frequent complaints and inquiries from everyone.

I was informed to avoid this useless service "by the people that run it", and to "always" use priority or express mail only. If a package does not arrive within a short time using these two methods, a full investigation will be launched to track it down for you and they'll hit more than 90% of their tracking spots.

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