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Review: What John Woo did right in Broken Arrow, M 93R!!

Well, I have always coveted a selective fire pistol, so naturally, when the opportunity arose for me to get one, for cheap, I was ecstatic. Being no stranger to auto GBB’s (gas blowback) as I own a Western Arms Ingram M11, I was well experienced in the joys of firing on full auto with gas guns.

The frame of a M11 being larger than other pistols and the fact that there is no slide and only a bolt moving, there is very little recoil. But the recoil on the Beretta!! It jumped in my hand with a reassuring “Brraaak”. Lets just say I was pleasantly surprised. The slide moves so fast on full auto…. wait I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Hi Tec Model 93R has kind of a two-stage trigger not unlike the TM Steyr Aug. With the fire selector lever down which is operated by the right thumb, when the trigger is pulled halfway it’s a three-round burst and when pulled all the way its full auto!! This makes the M 93R an excellent CQB/CQC weapon, ideal for room clearing. The high rate of fire and obvious spraying qualities coupled with the short barrel of a handgun ensure a lot of bb’s everywhere! On single round semi auto mode the accuracy is quite good, hitting a pop can at twenty-five feet each time easily. This one fires bb’s at 300-310 feet per second on propane consistently and holds 38+1 rounds, making it a great skirmish weapon good for short games.

You should not really expect be hitting targets farther down range on full auto though. Getting multiple hits on full auto really requires the use of both hands with the forehand holding the fore stock quite firmly so there is the ability to exert a sensible control on the direction of the barrel. The left hand grasps the forehand grip and the thumb is looped through the enlarged trigger guard.

This is quite a sturdy, heavy weapon for a metal/abs GBB weighing in at just below 1000 grams loaded, in comparison to the real steel version which weighs 1170 grams loaded with a 20 round magazine! (Check links for further specifications) I have fired conservatively about 600 rounds without any jams or mis-feeds. As long as you maintain with light silicone oil, there are virtually no problems. The Beretta M 93R is a ‘machine pistol’ in the true sense of the word. Meant to be carried as a sidearm, but with firepower that equals Mp5’s, Uzi’s and Scorpions. Great as a secondary weapon along with a sniper/counter-sniper or large assault rifle as primary.

So as Arnie says, what’s better than an auto m93r pistol? Two!! (Having recently acquired this GBB the cons haven’t yet shown its ugly face)

some pics and Grim Fandango's link
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