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Cybergun Burst Fire Bio .25g 2700ct

So I picked up a bottle of these and brought them home to check them out. They come in a water bottle almost. I did a little "hammer and bag" test and they hold up pretty good compared to absolute junk BB's, they held up and kinda squished into a few peices rather than shatter into 7-15 little shards.

I cant find a review of them anywhere and I know why "Cybergun". yeah yeah

Anyways, what do you guys think? The reason is I found these in large quantities for 9 bucks each and they seem alright, just wondering what to look for as lies about seamless are everywhere.

Im an avid BBBastard user and I will still continue to use them games and events, Im just thinking of the ease of access to these and can be used for fun at the cottage or something, without blowing my gearbox at the same time ofcourse.
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