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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
yeah, of course the flat will turn shiny with the coating.
But the thing is, you're not supposed to clear coat the Krylon paint, because unless you can find 'ultra flat' coating, you will only get what the coating can give, and that should be somewhere between 'not very flat' and 'shiny'.
Flat clear coat is difficult to find in stores but if you find some, try it on something else first.
Walmart has a flat clear coat in the bricolage section ( with all the green spounges and nic nac for frustrated housewifes doing their own little design pieces. )

This look is achieved with dry fading.

paint the gun with the ultra flat BLACK camo paint ( the can has actually a camo pattern on the outside - available at canadian tire)
then buy higher quality acrylic silver paint ( comes in tubes - creamy consistency - available at art shops ) with a wide and soft bristle brush - dip only very little color on the brush - pass the brush on a sheet of paper couple of times up and down to dry out the paint on the brush .

then look at them nice photos Jimski posted... where does a gun wear off the color first... look at it and it that sense do you start edging with the bristle brush in very light swift strokes ( back and for ) over the edges - pertrusions - etc. to give it a realistic look. the dry color starts to show but since it is applied very dry does the black undercoat still shine trhough ... giving it that faded out - worn out look.

after that can you apply if needed the flat clear coat....

But remember - then more distance of the spray nozzle of your can - the more grain structure of the paint - means more real looking surface.
it is better to have several soft coats ( holds better ) then one or two fat - wet coats....

hope this helps

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