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The WE Tech M4A1 AEG is a great rifle. It retails at $250 from a very reputable Toronto area retailer (use some Google magic and you'll figure out which one I mean). It's got great external quality as the only polymer parts on the rifle are the hand guard, pistol grip and the stock (not including the buffer tube). It's a very easy gun to upgrade down the road if you want, and the out of the box quality is very good (has a great stock hop-up).

If you're an AK kinda guy, CYMA makes a lot of great AKs that come very solid as a stock gun and require very few upgrades down the road to make them top notch. These are also sold at that same Toronto retailer as well as a newer "revolutionary" retailer (hint hint, Google magic my friend). They retail for similar prices from both places.

I own both of these rifles (WE M4 AEG and CYMA AK47S) and the quality of these guns out of the box is very good for the $200-300 price your will pay for them. Upgraded, they are fucking beasts that will take anything.
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