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Originally Posted by troz
This is why we dont bring 9586486547536 damn high caps to an event. If the player does not have an LMG, I don't see how it would be a simulation when "you" are the guy behind the bush and the person shooting you has an mp5 with a drum mag....
I'd be a hippocrite to deny using hicaps in some of my milsim games, only because I am a lazy SOB and am not big on mag changes, even though I carry 24 mags with me (highs and lows, plus VNs). For ammo limit games I would not obviously.

In the case of hicaps, I restrict my firing to 3 to 5 round bursts and resist hosing a position.

Like what was said before, its more a mindset and you accept or reject what you like or dislike but ultimately you obey the host's rules in order to play the game that was written. If I am going onto a field against guys who are hicapping it, damn right I am loading up high caps. My tactics however, are up to me.
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