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Originally Posted by troz
I really don't see what the big deal is. We dont want different bathrooms - better parking, As users of ASC we're requesting a board for us????? already exists

What was asked was a way to identify milsim vs non-milsim games. The suggestion many posts back was adopted to preface game post titles with "MILSIM:" and this seems to have been the widely accepted solution and makes it easy for the admins.

In Meat's case "FUCKING MILSIM" is an entirely different category and I am looking forward to that game for sure and will be certain to bring plenty of spermicidal foam.

Hmm... that gets me thinking about a dedicated MILFSIM game at plantation... "FUCKING MILFSIM" anyone...? LMAO... Atreyu's on that one like a fat kid on a smarty...
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