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Just going to add this link for the minors reading the other minors posts above about the differences in licenses available to those under 18 and those who are older then 18.

"For Individuals aged 12 to 17

A Minors' Licence will enable young people to borrow a non-restricted rifle or shotgun for approved purposes such as hunting or target shooting. Generally, the minimum age is 12 years, but exceptions may be made for younger people who need to hunt to sustain themselves and their families. Applicants must have taken the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and passed the test. The fee to renew a minor’s licence is waived.
Once a person turns 18, they are no longer eligible for a minor’s licence. Instead, they must apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) and pay the applicable fee. Currently, the fee only applies to the first PAL. The fee to renew a licence with non-restricted firearm privileges only is waived."

Before you spout "facts" do some simple research before arguing with those who aready have.
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