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Why can't the age to be aved be lowered?

You guys probably feel strongly against this BUT I personally feel that it should be lowered with reason.
You see that hunting rifle, that is my pride and joy and I own that 100% legal and the age to hunt has even been lowered. I believe if someone of my age can own such a weapon and has the required training and certification I feel like someone my age should be able to be Aved with reason though obviously if my parents don't want me to be doing it then sure I understand that or if I have never touched a gun but I have and I have my license to prove it. Even someone in the military has to take the classes I have taken to hunt. My friend Who is my age 16 even teaches it. So why is the age 18? Honestly i want to know who has their hunting license and who has a restricted license. Airsoft guns DO NOT fall under restricted they fall under the license I currently own and many of my friends do too because everyone owns a gun here where I live so I would like feed back and some answers please. I am not trying to be an ass so don't get the wrong idea I am just very confused.
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