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interesting and we could at length discus why but .... that is the forum rule . do you go to strip bars and ask to be served, then comment to the bouncer that you feel Harper should lower the drinking age to 5. so i did not disrespect rokor as a mater of fact his comment comes off a little snotty. i do belong to a group of players that encourages young guns to learn and bring their insights to the table we have no less then 6 that come out to our various home fields and tech days. perhaps instead of jumping the gun and fraging you could pause your me first gimme gimmie need to be satisfied now and ask in a pm a retailer or gun doc the burning question you might get the answer and more. further my point i and we the members of our fields have asked of age players that do not fallow basic rules to not come back and to leave, we don't care how old a tool is they can go. as to lightening up son when you hit my age then you can talk the rules are there so all members conform and that is it.
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