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is milsim:
1 bullet=1 bb
1 bullet = how many bbs it takes to do to an enemy behind a bush what a single bullet can do

No in that case Milsim would be:

1 bullet = 1 bb (and being very limited)


DON"T SHOOT AT WHAT YOU CANNOT HIT... and patiently wait for the right opportunity.

In most milsims you would never see a lone person hiding in a bush.. at least not with WP. Spaming the crap out of the bush with out knowing you'll hit (him/her) will only identify your position...

This is why we dont bring 9586486547536 damn high caps to an event. If the player does not have an LMG, I don't see how it would be a simulation when "you" are the guy behind the bush and the person shooting you has an mp5 with a drum mag.....

I really don't see what the big deal is. We dont want different bathrooms - better parking, As users of ASC we're requesting a board for us?????
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