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Originally Posted by MilanWG View Post
I tend not to like to complain about the CP - but I don't know what to do at this point.

They have recently lost three separate packages of mine which I shipped out.

Because there was no tracking info/option - all I get is shoulder-shrugs from the local post office employees and manager.

I realize it is a busy season with the holidays, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I have lost over $200 worth of goods with no way of finding out where they went or how I can get them back...

Is it the employees incorrectly labeling the package for final shipment?
What is going on?

Is there anything I can do besides paying for the more expensive trackable shipping options from now on???
If you're sending anything other than a letter, you get a tracking number even with the cheapest option which is regular parcel. If you're sending packages, you would have got a tracking number.

Also if you were sending stuff worth so much to you, why didn't you add the proper insurance?

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