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Originally Posted by BogardusFoul View Post
If it is a question of a 12 year old (or anyone under the age of 18, for that matter) playing airsoft, a good rule of thumb is, take the weapon he wants, and shoot him in the chest from 3-4 meters away. If he cries, then the answer is no.

If you are more concerned with the youth running down Main Street, waving it over his head, then it is more important to teach them to ALWAYS OBEY THE COMMANDS OF A POLICE OFFICER WHO IS POINTING A FIREARM AT YOU.
Lol I think that would borderline as abuse... pain isn't the issue and if it is then that should be a redflag right away. I skateboarded for 12 years, I can't imagine pushing kids down the stairs and smacking them in the shins with wood to test their pain tolerence and bone density would be socially tolerated.

I agree with the above poster that said something along the lines of NO person under the age of 18 should OWN a gun, using one under adult supervision with the permission of thier legal guardian would be fine though.
People need to remember that when someone hits the age of 18 there isn't an automatic download of firearm safety and responsibilities straight into their brain, these things need to be taught to by people willing and interested in lisenting... That takes genuine concern for safety and liability to do.
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