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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Lol, ya I don't think this one is going anywhere fast. Still, if there was something better than airsoft, this would be it.
I agree. It would be expensive as fuck, but people would do it. Full face and head protection, chest protection and a cup; I'll do it without blinking. I've been shot with simmunition before (my military father had a cruel sense of humor, and I'm a crazy person who wanted to see what it felt like, probably a bad idea). Took one to the thigh and it felt like someone whacked me with a 2x4 or a small bat; a nice thudding sound and feeling. Nice big welt and hurt whenever I would flex. I'd still do it though. Its like getting hit by a frozen paintball or a marble fired from a paintball gun (yes I've tried this, its awesome) from one foot away on the bare skin.
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