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why is this still going on and why are you guys bringing other shit into the mix, other shit like airsoft in Japan. and how ADD or ADHD isnt a actauly thing and blah blah blah.

stick to the matter at hand. "is it a good idea for a child of 12 years old with add/adhd to own a airsoft gun?"

Answer is

No, because this 12 year old may not be responsible enough to own one because of his age, and he might not listen to an adult teaching him gun safety because of his condition.

Unless he learns proper safety procedures and also right from wrongs then I believe he can be permitted to use one under adult supervision. Owning one and letting him use it whenever he wants should not even be thought of. If the parent chooses to buy one for him to use under their supervision and have the replica locked away when the child is not permitted to use it is a different story.

Because this is non clearsoft replica it is difficult for police or people in general to know the differences between real and fake. If the child is allowed to do as he pleases something bad may happen. also becuase parents are liable for the childs in some cases, if the child does something stupid the parents could be or will be at fualt.
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