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Collect some more gear and finish my AOR loadouts I've been working on.

I also hope to get some more guns, I had in mind a Sig P226, MK14, MK17, MK11/SR-25 and maybe one of those new KWA KRISS Vectors...if I can find one in stock lol.

Want to complete this Tac-300 sniper project I'm working on and do some upgrades and modification on the few guns I have over the winter, dont think Ill be attending too many outdoor events this winter.

I Hope to take a couple small trips in the summer, one, to visit some friends in Israel, most of them are in the IDF and more going this summer. Also hope to visit family and friends back in the States and help out on the ranch.

Oh, and also buy this ooooold Chevy I've been wanting for a while!
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