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Airsoft wise; completing all my missing gear to be up and operationnal for 2013.

Workwise; Hoping the fucking lock-out at my job gets done so I can go back making money. I currently work at another place in meanwhile, but the paycheck isn't great like my other job, plus it's 40 mikes away rather than 13 mikes by car.

Familywise; Hoping my little family gets all the best, grow up to see and learn the best things in life and stay healthy

Moneywise; Hoping that the money flow will increase. I need a new car soon and this spring i'll have to pile the house, and it's going to cost me nearly 10K just for that bullshit.

Other than that, we'll just go through 2013 day by day and see what this bitch has to offer for it's next 365 days

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