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Airsoft-wise 2013 for me will feature:

- More AK builds, more R-Hop installs and other similar systems. More stress testing of parts and testing of new ideas with regards to trigger response, high power, gearbox acoustics, etc. I'm particularly interested in pinion-to-bevel alignment on AK setups at the moment. I might see a BTC Chimera install or two here and there, but I think the Chimera will turn out to mostly be overhyped. Simple solutions win the day for me.

- Hopefully some internals and externals development involving 3d printers and/or CNC milling.. I've got a few things in mind here.

- More games, not necessarily bigger, but I'd like to continue helping shape the quality of the games played by the player group I'm a part of (the 437 group, which Zack is also part of) and in our playing area.

- More gas guns in the armoury and driving my existing gas guns harder to force more time at the workdesk with them (hey, it's how I roll..). Also, the Vector looks very tempting.

- More focus on helping guys on the fields I play at with learning how to keep their gearboxes running solidly. I see too many guns failing (or performing poorly) on the field, usually stock.
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