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Wooo how did ADD/ADHD come into the mix? No offence but people who don't have it do not understand. Heck I have a relatively mild case of ADD and I still cannot understand why people with more severe cases do what they do. Truthfully what has been said above about doing stuff like hunting, sports, building, reading, school work. All these things help the brain grow, learn and adjust to the chemical imbalance. Where as it is true medication will always help. The same medications will do wonders for people who don't suffer from it. I have been off my medication for 2 years and see no reason to go back on it. Does the medication still help? Hell yes. But it can help anyone who takes it. It's given to pilots, and college students want it to help them get better grades.
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.
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