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Mask, Mesh, Goggles? What and why?

Hey guys, another question regarding masks, safety, and just plain old acceptable gear.

As my original thread indicated I am looking at getting gear to play, I really like the idea of running goggles/glasses only as I used to play paintball and from some LE training I realize the benefit from using goggles only rather than a full face mask (fogging/breathing/heat etc.)

My question is are proper safety goggles/glasses allowed? if so where? and do most fields such as PRZ allow this or no?

Thank's, just want to make the right purchase. I do realize the benefit to wearing a full face mask as well as I dont want a hole in my cheek (I do realize this is never intentionally done as Airsofters attempt to avoid close-quarter headshots)


Immediately on finishing this post I found this resource

I apologize about not reading this thread entirely before making a post.

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