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Oh man what an expensive year it was, but not airsoft related, except for the Kwa M9 PTP I offered to my father (oh man the kid in him was happy! :P)

Beside that, offered my GF (and myself) a roomba, so we (she) don't have to vacuum that much!

Got a nice Asus GTX660ti for the computer I don't have, which also means that she was ok for me to vuy one hehehe! So parts are coming in, should get here monday! 3770k cpu on a sabertioth mobo, ssd... for those in the know

A popcorn machine thing! O_o yeah I eat a lot of that! :P

Set of nail guns (compressed air), always useful

Some cash and stuff

And now we're looking to get a dinning table, the 2-3k$ kind O_o :P it's nice to chnage job hehe
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Real life comparison,

GBBR- bang bang -- Giggle

AEG-- merrrzip merrzip -- meh
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