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Originally Posted by jacobean View Post
My nephew is severely ADHD which is not adequately controlled with medication and has all the impulsiveness that comes with the condition.
In my opinion ADD/ADHD 99% of the time is a load of crap.

They don't teach boys how to focus their energy any more, with shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, scouts, building things, or what ever else boys have done for thousands of years.

It is easier for teachers to keep repeating the same lesson plans year after year, teaching kids in say Core French how to conjugate the same 3 verb endings year after year, or making every project a art project then it is to each new interesting stuff to kids.

So boys get bored, start not paying attention, acting up in class etc. And boys get branded as having a problem and needing to swallow pills as the only answer, to what is really society's fault not the kids.

Bet if you got that ICS and taught him to shoot under supervision, over time he'll calm a hell of a lot better then what ever drugs he is on. Boys need to grow, and society isn't growing boys up, its forgetting about them. Quite sad really.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
If they didn't have a supervised and (strictly) controlled environment in which to play airsoft, I'm sure they'd be playing in the street with no eye protection.
Yup, like in York Region and now they "banned" airsoft in Markham over it.

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