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Now that I re-read the original post, it is quite odd; nice catch Styrak. Obviously you have that particular gun in mind for some reason. I'm assuming it's because you already have it, it's whats available from a local retailer, or you think you can obtain one? I will say this; any illegal activity which involves the use of an airsoft gun will be treated as a full firearms offense. Whoever you are please double check all your local by-laws before doing anything. You have something in mind, just make sure it's perfectly legal. Always remember safety comes first, and people's feelings are ...not on the list.
Iím sorry if I sounded vague in my original post about the appropriateness of an ICS GSG 522 for a 12 year old. Nothing strange about my intentions. I am the uncle of the boy in question and I didnít want to litter this forum with details of family dirty laundry. My nephew is severely ADHD which is not adequately controlled with medication and has all the impulsiveness that comes with the condition. My nephew is also a big city boy but occasionally travels to an isolated community in Alberta where he would use the gun. He has never been around guns before except for water pistols and a Nerf gun. It was not my nephew who wants this gun (he didnít know about them either) but his father who wants to get him one. His mother is dead set against it. Thatís the dirty laundry I was telling you about.

I myself know nothing about airsoft guns and had never heard of them until a few days ago so just wanted to get feedback from experts who are familiar with them. After researching them on the Internet and finding this site, my gut feel is my nephew owning or using one of these devices is a disaster waiting to happen Ė for him and for others. I just wanted to know if I was over reacting and being unreasonable or if it is commonly accepted practice for 12 years to own/use these. Thanks for your responses so far!!
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