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King Arms Oberland OA-15 M8 Feeding Failure

I purchased a King Arms Oberland Arms OA-15 M8 from Toronto Airsoft as a Christmas gift for my son. He has fired less than a full mag (300 round stock with the gun) and it is having feeding issues.

On semi-auto, it fires 3-4 BB's and then stops firing BB's, although the motor is cycling. On full-auto, it fires 1-2 BB's and then stops, although again the motor is cycling.

We have tried a second magazine (also 300 round) from a "Bushmaster"AEG of th same type, with the same results.

We are using .20 gram Crossman BB's. I can see that others here snear at such "cheap" ammo, but that is what we have right now.

I have read in the Dr forum that one fella had a King Arms M4 with a broken "bucking" that did the same thing, and yet others suggested magazine problems and filing down a BB retention tab helped. This is a brand new gun, and I am hesitant to modify anything seriously yet.

Suggestions as to a remedy or opinions of how to deal with this issue welcome.


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