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Originally Posted by GBBR View Post
Airsoft is made 18+ for a reason. those who choose give guns to someone that is not 18 or older is doing something every every harmful to the communities they live in.
Oh really now? The Japanese, the creators of airsoft, must have it all wrong, considering they specifically have made airsoft models over the years to target the pre-teen/early teen age groups.

Mind you, I guess Airsoft is just that much more dangerous then a kid legally going hunting at 16 in Ontario without needing a adult beside them with a real rifle in the bush?

Seriously Danke is perfectly spot on in his two posts. Yes 12 is young, but hell I had a "arsenal" of pellet guns at that age, and the only key to the trigger lock of one of my father's hunting rifles, which is currently sitting in my own firearm safe since I got my PAL.

It is 100% dependant on the kid, but without (insert Pellet Gun, Airsoft etc here), and the father teaching his son how to be responsible with them, the kid will never grow up to be responsible on his own with anything remotely related to firearms.

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