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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
You guys are way off base. The OP is a parent posting the question.

Their kid has come to them with a pig in a poke, or in this case a ICS GSG 522 that they want and must have.

The parent knows nothing about airsoft and is now fact checking to see if "all the other kids have these dad", and "everyone is doing it", and etc.

You guys with kids; it will happen to you too. Maybe not an airsoft gun but a cellphone or a pony or a game console. I can spot that particular sales method a mile off and you'll learn do it too.
Spot on, that was me at 12.

I don't believe a kid that young needs an AEG to go blasting in his back yard at some targets. If he's looking for something to plink with there are plenty of spring action airsoft guns you can buy at Walmart or CanTire, most of which do not look real, some of which have a "realistic" look to them. When I was that young my dad ran into the same issue with me. He bought me a cheap G36 spring action rifle that I would lay in the grass in my FENCED backyard and shoot targets with, and always under supervision. If he is simply looking to get them to play with his friends or shoot at them for shits and giggles; educate the boy about proper safety and that ultimately these are meant for that in safe settings only, only get him a springer, and make sure you don't let him keep it in his room, regardless if it's a spring gun or AEG. I was 12 once, I know what I used to do with dad's BB guns, airsoft guns and real steels when he wasn't around (this is of course after I found the keys to his cases). Last thing you want is little Jimmy at your door with his father, furious because your boy shot Jimmy at point blank range in the eye with a "clearsoft" pistol/shotgun/rifle.

This is of course simply subjective and only my opinion. This does not work with everyone. Good luck and good day.
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