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Nada, Zilch, Fuck-all. By my request.

I did spend $500.00 on gifts to immediate family, though.. more to give thanks (in a very small way, considering) to them for the moral and physical support that they've given me in the past few years of acute health issues, then an actual holiday observance tradition.

Now that i am finally back to work after 2+ years, i can buy my own toys, at any time - and I already have - I do have packages inbound`from Asia to finish off my foreseeable kit and equipment requirements for the next 1+ years, and I got a Google Nexus 7 in late October to replace my early generation touch-laptop. Merry Christmas to Me, from Me. I'm happy with what i can provide myself, rather than what others can give me (or not).

When you get to be past your 30's in some situations.. whether you are single, divorced, or attached.. with children, or without.. you tend to be grateful for other things, much more than "gifts" or what the "gifting" holiday season will provide. Quality time with immediate and extended family, to start..

*edit* not meant to be preachy.. if it comes off that way, i apologize.. just introspective, and more than slightly drunk posting..

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