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Originally Posted by GBBR View Post
Theres nothing to say expect "too bad" I wanted to buy a p90 from a retailer when I was 16. I didn't buy it until I was 18.
"too bad, so sad"

Airsoft is made 18+ for a reason. those who choose give guns to someone that is not 18 or older is doing something every every harmful to the communities they live in.
Thing is we don't know if he's a farm kid from out in the sticks or a 12 year old COD playing screeching city slicker. That said, Styrak is onto something, very peculiar and strangely worded questions....

I'm betting it's a city kid because farm kids have 0 fucks to give and varmint hunt all the time (or so I'm told, but they also do field work and chop trees and what not). Plus don't have to worry about city bylaws because they're outside city limits and are allowed to shoot on their property and know it.
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