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Originally Posted by Curo View Post
Disregarding what the above(GBBR) says.

What does your son plan to do with it? Ask him talk with him. Heck make him make a little presentation with maybe a slide show or a display of local (read nearby) airsoft stuff. Can he find places to play safely? Does he understand he will require equipment to protect himself from injury. Does he understand he must follow rules and play fairly?

Is your child even tempered? Will he bring it to school? Or tell friends he has a gun at home? All of these things can be harmful. And that's just a tip of the iceberg. Does he understand that a police officer can shot him with a real gun if he brandished the airsoft in public?

Ask him and yourself these questions .

I'm not trying to discredit your post. but seriously shit happens sometimes.

Its completely different if you are going to get the gun and let your kid use it in games and such. There is a guy who brings a 7 year old to sgt splatters, that kid is a great player too, but he doesn't own any of the guns he uses.

Using the gun under adult supervision is cool
someone under 18, owning a gun is... well

I think the "interview" thing would be an appropriate precaution to take before allowing the child to PLAY airsoft.
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