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Can I safely use 0.28g BBs out of a CA M15A4 Rifle?

I recently ordered a Classic Army M15A4 Rifle (SP003P-1) from Canadian Airsoft, along with some Javelin 0.28g airsoft BBs from them. The reason why I purchased the 0.28g BBs was because they were in stock, and well-priced at $16.07 CAD for 3500 BBs.

After doing a little research online, it seems that either 0.20g or 0.25g BBs would be best-suited for my ordered airsoft gun, and that 0.28g BBs were typically reserved for higher-powered guns that fire at around 375 FPS and up.

Now my question is, do you people here think I can safely use 0.28g BBs in my new M15A4 Rifle (albeit with lowered FPS), without fear of the heavier BBs jamming or damaging any of the internals?
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