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Appropriate gun for 12 year old

I have read the FAQs and all the pages regarding age verification but didn't see very much in regards to minors using these guns except that one can't be age verified until they are 18 and in most cases, games are restricted to those over 18. I also realize that many places will only sell airsoft guns to folks over 18.

Is it very common for 12 year olds to have/use these guns in Alberta, specifically the ICS GSG 522 Semi and Fully Automatic Airsoft Assault Rifle?

I am still confused as to the age verification requirements. Can the ICS GSG 522 be used anywhere in Alberta without the child or parent being AV'ed? If so, where can such a gun be legally used? Ie, public vs private property, or airsoft game sites only?

I have read that airsoft guns such as the ICS GSG 522 are not allowed to be purchased/owned/used by minors in Ontario. Is this currently correct?

Thanks for your help.
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