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Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
Explain that to the masses, even LEO's and CBSA, that treat the 500fps rule the same way they did before Bill 10 passed in 2003, to keep all the legally owned pellet guns from becoming regulated firearms over night due to the RCMP's meddling with plastic pellets.

I'm not sure if you realize this but when companies like Crosman and Daisy make 495 FPS pellet guns they're using standard pellets (typically around 8 grain). You can get "hyper velocity" pellets that are like 4.5 grain that make those "495 FPS" guns shoot higher than what they're tested with (ie. a gun might fire 400 FPS with .20 but 500 FPS using .12g because it has the same energy). That's why they have the inclusion of "AND" 5.7 Joules.
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